Inspection Services That We Offer in Jackson, MI


Home Inspection

When buying a home, I will allow you to have peace of mind during the process by giving your home an inspection. I will look out for the dangers in a home and give you the tips to make the best decisions based on your needs.

Water Sample Testing

The water from your well may seem clear and fine but many times it has all sorts of dissolved minerals and other substances. The Department of Health suggests you to have your water tested about once every year. Groundwater generally requires simple treatment. If you are a private well owner, you need to test your water supply to insure the well provides safe, high quality water.


Green Home Inspection

Having your home in top condition is going to be one of the most important factors to selling your house. Most all buyers can still pull out of a sale at any point if a home inspection is not completed. A smart buyer will have professional inspect the home before making any big decisions. If a problem is found, it usually causes the buyer to get uneasy and the deal to fall through. It is also good to have a home inspection done to catch problems with your home before they become a disaster.

Radon Testing

Radon is a gas that comes into a home through the soil at the base of the house and is a risk to health and a cause of lung cancer. Testing is necessary to make sure the levels of radon in your home is safe.


Seller Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are important to help in real estate transactions. Anyone interested in a house will want to know the condition of the house. Letting your buyer know you have a house with no defects will help sell your home faster, get a Move In Certified inspection, buyers won't have to think twice about the condition of the home.

Repair & Maintenance Inspection

Just like you and your car, houses should have annual physical check-up. Small problems from just general wear and tear come every once in a while and should be fixed before the problem gets worse. Small problems can be cheap to fix but if left untended can build to something big and can end up costing more then you can handle. Make sure to have your home inspected to ensure your savings stays in the bank instead of being spent on something that could've been avoided.


Septic Inspection

A septic inspection is a limited visual inspection. We do our best to locate the tank and the drainfield. The water runs or a length of time and we do a dye test on the drainfield. We make sure that the drainlines are flowing into the tank. During the inspection we do not remove the lid or dig.